Empowering Change.

Personalised wellness education and coaching so you have the tools & resources to improve your health so you can KEEP WELL, boost your mood, improve your patience, and feel great!

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Get more energy, greater focus and newfound inner confidence.

Personalised health & wellbeing coaching to help you find yourself again and reach your health goals.

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Welcome to Flexi Health Services. 

We know how much wellness matters! When you don't have it, it is the one thing you would trade anything for!

Rather than wait until you become unwell, our mission is to empower you to learn how to KEEP WELL...  

Flexi Health Services exists to help you develop an improved health and wellbeing practice – one that helps you feel more confident, healthy, vibrant and stay out of the healthcare system!

We're a team of experienced university qualified Health professionals and Wellness coaches who are passionate about supporting others to heal their mind and body so they can live a life of passion, presence and purpose. 

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"Tell me and I Forget. Teach me and I Remember. Involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin

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Health & Wellness Coaching

One-on-one coaching sessions to equip you with skills, resources and confidence to live a healthy, active and balanced life.

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The Keep Well Course.

A comprehensive online course that will help you improve your lifestyle choices and make healthy habits a powerful part of your daily routine.

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"It is amazing how much it helped me to have someone like Emma assist me to identify short term and longer term goals and then to guide and help me stick to them. The programme that Emma prepared provided the motivation to help me make changes in my life that I recognised I needed to do for a long time. Emma provided positive and constructive advice to push me forward to making real change by reducing bad habits and creating positive ones. Emma was a pleasure to work with throughout this process and I am really appreciative. Thanks Emma!" - James